Every No One

Check out this interactive sculpture from artist Aduén Darriba Frederiks at Remix, the Seattle Art Museum’s summer party at the Museum’s Olympic Sculpture Park. Frederiks was a studio99 Artist in Residence at Microsoft Research during the summer 2015.

Frederiks, working with a Microsoft Research team, Neel Joshi, Michael Cohen, and John Boylan, put the piece together over a few weeks. It consists of an array of boxes of white fabric stretched over a frame of carbon fiber tubing. Part of the structure is supported with huge white helium balloons. A video camera next to the array captures the faces of passers-by. Face capture software then fragments each face into its component eyes, ears, nose, and mouth, which are rear projected in random sequences onto the boxes.

The piece, “Every No One,” was a popular stop for attendees at Remix. The sequence of fragmented images grew more complex as the evening wore on.

Frederiks, who is from the Netherlands, focuses as an artist on interactive media, wearable technologies, and robotics.

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