What is studio99?


Microsoft Research‘s studio99 aims to introduce artistic perspectives, processes, and values in the work of our organization.

studio99 seeks to build collaborations between researchers/engineers and artists/designers to create beautiful and innovative experiences that inspire new ways of thinking about existing and future scientific challenges.

studio99 project provides a space at Microsoft for art and science to interact.

studio99 includes a gallery space in Microsoft’s Building 99, an international artist-in-residence program, an artist lecture series, and a series of art projects created by researchers and their guests at Microsoft Research.

Since its inception in 2012, studio99 has hosted a number of artists in residence, including James George, Jason Salavon, Cristina Sirbu, Erin Smith, Aduen Darriba Frederiks, Helene Steiner, and Maja Petrić.

To find out more about studio99, contact askstudio99@microsoft.com

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