“Growables” is a speculative design study, by Erin Smith, into the future of bio integrated wearable devices. The ultimate goal is to provoke conversation around this speculative future in terms of design, use, and possible implications.

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In 2013, studio99 hosted James George, Artist in Residence at Microsoft Research, to foster collaborations and cross-fertilization of ideas between the academic research and artistic creative coding communities. James’ ongoing goals is to find ways to interact more closely with the tools he and other artists use in the creative coding world.

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Virus is a conceptual art installation, created by Neel Joshi and Asta Roseway, that explores the idea of creating an organism that is fed by the people and activity in the building. The organism is invasive, infectious, and intelligent.

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What is studio99?


Microsoft Research‘s studio99 aims to introduce artistic perspectives, processes, and values in the work of our organization.

studio99 seeks to build collaborations between researchers/engineers and artists/designers to create beautiful and innovative experiences that inspire new ways of thinking about existing and future scientific challenges.

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